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MyGuide.com is an online portal specifically geared to Guides who offer information about every trending subject from Tech to Health, Fashion, Food, Travel etc..

Users of MyGuide.com have access to a searchable database of Guides who provide information, advice, pictures, videos, and opinions.

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Definition of Guide:

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word Guide in the following way:

1. as a person who leads or directs other people on a journey
2. a person who shows and explains the interesting things in a place
3. a person who helps to direct another person’s behavior, life, career, etc.
4. one that leads or directs another’s way
5. a person who exhibits and explains points of interest
6. something that provides a person with guiding information
7. a person who directs another’s conduct or course of life a device for steadying or directing the motion of something
8. a ring or loop for holding the line of a fishing rod in position
9. a sheet or a card with projecting tab for labeling inserted in a card index to facilitate reference


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