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“Backpacking takes you out from the comfort of your own home. It takes you out from your normal routine – and from the usual level of security your home has. You become more alert while on a backpacking adventure – as you won’t know what danger might present itself in front of you. And while you may have diligently done your homework, and have read about the place you are in – there is still no one hundred percent assurance that everything will go according to plan or that everything will be safe. Any untoward incident may still happen, even with all the safety measures you have subscribed to. That is why one must be ready – physically and mentally – before embarking on a backpacking expedition. You need not only your physical strength to move on from point A to point B, with all the challenging terrains before you – but also the mental toughness to continue on, even if your body may seem to give up.”

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