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“My real name is really Lily Pebbles… well, Pebbles is my middle name. My sisters chose it when they were 7 and 10. It was the only way to stop them running away because the thought of a new baby sister was so awful (they actually tried to run away, but packing a suitcase full as crisps doesn’t get you very far). They love me now though…. I think. 
I started my blog at Uni as part of my Digital Marketing module. I’d read blogs for a while so decided to give it a go myself. When it started it was mainly about lifestyle but has gradually turned into more of a beauty website as my love for all things beauty has developed. 
On here you’re likely to find beauty reviews, style tips, beauty videos and random shenanigans in London.
If you fancy a chat or want to ask me a question tweet me @lilypebbles. “

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