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“We offer fishing guide service from shore in the Maltese Islands at the heart of the Mediterranean sea, were fishing is a challenge. For more information search the web and get hooked.

We offer shore fishing guide services in the Maltese islands. Fishing guide Malta would provide your fishing tackle during your stay in Malta and will guide you in the top hot spots were your best catch is possible. You will be at the hands of an experienced shore fishing angler, who has been prowling the Maltese shores from a very young age and will receive full guided tours to the best fishing areas. Our company makes use of the best fishing tackle in the scenario, so that you will be able to practice nearly any kind of shore fishing technique at your disposition, with the best of tackles.

We specialize in saltwater lure fishing from shore with the best techniques being saltwater spinning, vertical shore jigging from deep coastal areas, and horizontal jigging, popping and skipping lures for Leerfish and bluefish. Fishing takes place in zone with highest chances of hooking local predatory fish. Target fish would include: Mediterranean Barracudas, Yellow-striped barracudas, Blue runners, Small amberjack (1-4kg range), Bonitos, Sea bass, groupers, and light spinning caliber fish such as Lizardfish, which are fun catching on Ultra light tackle.

We also provide services for Rock fishing in the Western part of the island as well as other renowned spots, with bottom fishing techniques from above the cliffs and high shore, which is able to produce good results with dead or live bait. If you are keen to try other bottom fishing or float fishing techniques from shore, including harbors and shallower coastal areas we can also provide you, with ledgering rods, on light tackle lines for Bream species and others.”

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