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Car Repair Guide is dedicated to people who want to know more about cars, car repairing and want more independence on the road. This is what we’re about:

Besides being able to help yourself on the road, you can see, read and learn how to:

a) make basic repairs: repair for beginners
b) make advanced repairs: for people with some more advanced knowledge in car mechanics and repair
c) make car checks: for making those time to time checks around the car
d) have the proper car tools: what tools to have in your car, tools for making a repair etc.

Car Repair Guide is made in a form of free video and written tutorials, in a manner and language that,we hope, is knowable to every driver interested in this topic.

Our mechanic will gladly answer any question you might have, from car problems to advice on buying a new car. The information we give is TOTALLY FREE : every guide is yours for the using. Don’t hesitate to contact us, leave a comment or give us your opinion about us. We hope that we’ll be able to help YOU to help yourself!

Have a nice drive, Your Car Repair Guide.

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